A S H L E Y   C A R L I N   D R I S C O L L
T A T T O O  |  A R T  |  D E S I G N

T A K E  C A R E  O F  Y O U R  T AT T O O

F I R S T  4 8  H O U R S :
Leave clear bandage on for 48 hours, black build up / blood or fluid underneath is COMPLETELY normal.  Unless the bandage is peeling back past where your tattoo is leave it on for the full 48 hours.  Your bandage is water resistant, so you can take showers regularly but if you go to the gym I suggest taking a couple days off until the bandage is removed.

B A N D A G E  R E M O V A L :
When you remove the bandage take it off in the shower, make sure its the last thing you do in the shower. Wash you hair & body first then when you’re done everything you can take off your bandage. Peel the bandage away slowly and carefully, it wont hurt your tattoo in any way but your tattoo will still be a little tender so take your time. Immediately after removing your bandage wash your new tattoo well with warm water and unscented soap (dove or ivory). When you get out of the shower pat your tattoo dry with clean paper towel.

D A Y  3  -  9  P O S T  T A T T O O :
For the next 7 days you are just going to keep your tattoo clean and dry.  Wash it up to twice a day with the same unscented soap, morning & night or after the gym or any exercise.  Do your best not to touch your tattoo with dirty hands, & if you have children or pets be extra clean!

D A Y  9  -  20  P O S T  T A T T O O :
After that 7 days (so now day 9 or 10 post tattoo) your tattoo with become very dry and itchy, maybe a little flakey.  You can now start moisturizing once or twice a day verrrrry lightly with unscented water based lotion (Aveno or Lubriderm).  Apply sparingly WITH CLEAN HANDS and make sure that you’re really rubbing it all in.

In approximately 2-2.5 weeks your tattoo should be 95% healed.  Until then keep your tattoo as dry as possible, so no baths, hot tubs or swimming.  If you need a touch up it can be scheduled 6 weeks post tattoo, not before.  Touch-ups are free within the first 3 months.  Locations where you are warned that a touch up will need to be done there will be a charge of $50.

F O R E V E R  C A R E:
To have your tattoo looking great for as long as possible avoid UV as much as possible.  If you do spend time in the sun make sure you're applying SPF 60 to your tattoo!

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email or call me!  DON’T GOOGLE IT!

Thank you again for your support and it was such a pleasure tattooing you! :)